Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've been up to soo much lately. So much that I'm too exhausted to blog, but as far as I can tell so is everyone else who blogs. Ha. Every blog I follow has been quiet. So I don't feel too bad.

A few highlights from my last two weeks include:

My dear friend Mary Turri was in Calgary for a visit, we had an awesome couple of days hanging out! It was absolutely lovely.

I went to Market Collective, TWICE. It was great both times.

I got to experience the River Cafe in Prince's Island Park, downtown Calgary for another good friend's birthday brunch. It included adorable outfits, champagne, and delicious eggs. On the expensive side it is definitely worth a trip downtown and a walk through the park.

I spent a couple days Christmas shopping and I even had a couple of sick days.

Tomorrow is my last day of work before Christmas holidays and my last day of my coop work term and the last day of my coop experience. Feels good to be done.

Merry Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

I know I posted a Christmas song yesterday but I can't help myself - and it is such an easy blog post! ha.

This is Jason Maraz's version of Winter Wonderland and I love it. It seems like there are soo many versions of Christmas songs that sound exactly alike, I find this version fresh and new. Hope you enjoy :)

If I have time tonight I might post again about one Sir John Lennon but that might have to wait.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maybe this Christmas ❄

I love this Christmas song. I hope you enjoy it.

Please ignore the Gossip Girl clips, I couldn't find a basic version of the song I could embed without the clips.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

delicious in yyc

This weekend I spent a large portion of my time working on my coop report, sitting down writing about whether or not I achieved my goals, what I learned, and what I hope to do to get a great career in the future. BORING! ha. Well although it is good to look back and reflect it is really the last thing I want to do during the first weekend in December. I will say that I have enjoyed working but most of all I've enjoyed not having to spend all my weekends and free time in the university library or cooped up in my room studying. I do love studying but the constant lack of freedom to do what you really want is tiring.

That said I still had a great weekend!

Among other things I went to brunch with my brothers plus one at the Lazy Loaf and Kettle. If you haven't been there you should go. I've been a few times but it has been quite a while since I last went and I had never had breakfast there, always lunch. This time I had breakfast, an omelet to be exact. It came with wonderful hash browns and toast. It was delicious. And the great thing is - they are great at lunch too. They have awesome breads (for delicious sandwiches) and soups - which both change daily. They also do an excellent job at coffees and teas.

It is a fun place to go. When you go in you find a table, put yourself down and head up to the cash register. Along the way you pick up a little order slip, highlight your order and hand it to the cashier, and pick up any delicious muffins or cookies you want along the way. After the moderately priced transaction is complete you are given a number and head back to your own table. On the walls hangs local art that you can purchase. You can get your own water and waitresses never bug you at your table. It is a nice change of pace. When you are done you bus your own table and head on your way.

It is a lovely little restaurant and one I never feel bad about eating at. You should go!

I didn't take this picture, but it is really accurate. You can sense the deliciousness.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

thirteen (days of work remain)

Happy first weekend of December! I hope it includes Christmas Cheer and the like. If you are heading to the malls I wish you well, have patience and take deep breaths.

This weekend I am doing homework - believe it or not - as a coop student you have to write a report at the end of it all. So I'm going to spend some time this weekend doing that. I also have a dentist check up, a soccer game, and a massage. Yesterday I went down to the Festival of Crafts for some perusing. It was lovely. I didn't purchase anything, but there was lots of great stuff to look at.

I'm also hoping to squeeze in a viewing of the Grinch this weekend.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan is a prof at the UofC who terrifies me. She terrifies me because she is so intelligent, so well spoken, and such a hard core feminist who expects the world from her students. So she terrifies me because I think she is amazing. I've avoided her courses but the more I hear her talk the more I wish she was my supervisor for a masters. Over a month ago she was on Q debating the Glee casts scantily clad GQ cover. I liked it because she didn't damn the girls for doing it, she damned society for making such behaviour the norm and then punishing the actresses when they bent to societies demands. It is an interesting listen and one that stayed with me for a long time.

Keurig. Invest.

Recently it was my big brother's birthday. He received a Keurig coffee brewer as a present. I haven't used it much, but the more I use it the more I think it is genius - except of course for pang of guilt I get every time for feeling wasteful for needing so many little prepackaged containers that I throw away.

Moving past that, this brews the perfect cup of coffee every time and because I'm not in charge of how much water or how much grounds are used it is never too strong, too weak, or too bitter. Another added bonus is that it takes less than a minute to brew, is insanely simple to use, and comes out at the perfect temperature.

The only real set back seems to be finding the K-cups in stores - they do seem to be easy to find online though. They also have tea, but something about brewing a cup of tea in under a minute makes me feel like it misses the point of tea - again technicalities I suppose.